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There is no such thing as

One Size Fits All

and at EnviZion Insurance we truly believe that. We provide a personalized review of your needs, and find an insurance policy that specifically fits them. An agent will help you compare multiple insurance companies so you can make an educated and confident decision when choosing a policy for you and your family.

With EnviZion Insurance you will be confident that you are properly covered while also knowing you are paying a great price. Whether you are looking for a new policy or just want to check to see if you can find a better price EnviZion Insurance is here to serve you! Our agents will work with you to review your current insurance, and show you all of your options. Our goal is not to sell you a new insurance policy, but rather to help you understand where you currently stand and make sure you are properly covered. If that means keeping your current policy great, however our goal is always to find you a policy that suits your needs and budget better!

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Austin Grieci

I am originally from a small town 45 minutes north of Seattle, WA called Arlington. I started my career as a mortgage loan officer, but over time I realized I wanted to do something where I could help people on a more personal financial level. I found that insurance is one of the biggest ways you can help to protect people financially. For me, opening Envizion Insurance has been a privilege. Helping clients in a way that positively impacts their lives is extremely rewarding. I feel blessed to be in a position to meet new people, help protect them, and positively impact my community. My journey as an insurance broker has proven to be challenging, and satisfying, and I strive each day to treat each client they  I would like to be treated myself, and provide them with an experience that is second to none.

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EnviZion Insurance Commitment


At EnviZion Insurance we take seriously the impact our work has on the lives of the community members we work with as your Plymouth insurance agent. Our clients are coming to us for advice on how to protect their homes, vehicles and families, and this is a big deal. It is a responsibility that we face and tackle with great pride. As a part of the community that we work in we understand that we are not only helping someone, but we are helping our neighbors. With this in mind we approach every meeting with our clients as an opportunity to help them by treating them as we would like to be treated ourselves. The advice we provide is fundamental based on this principal. Our word is only as good as our actions so we take the time to go above and beyond to find you products that are fairly priced, but more importantly, provide our clients with the coverage they need to be properly protected.

It is in the forefront of our minds at all times that we are protecting many of the most important and valuable things a person has in their life. A person’s home is a place of shelter, safety and rest. A vehicle is how a person gets to a job that helps support someone and their family. A life insurance policy is a financial lifeline for a family if a breadwinning loved one passes away. Health insurance is the ability to go to doctors who can treat illness and potentially save a life. These realities are what drive EnviZion Insurance, your Plymouth insurance agent, to take every quote with seriousness. We know what each insurance policy represents, and work in a way that is respectful of these realities.

With this in mind, you can be assured that if you decide to work with EnviZion Insurance that you have a Plymouth insurance agent who is on your team. We will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure not only that you are paying a fair price, but are also properly protected. We know that change can be intimidating, and we always take the time to answer any and all questions so our clients fully understand their coverage and what it means for them. Our commitment to our work ethic and community is second to none. The reality of what we do is clear, and we work hard each day to better the community as a Plymouth Insurance Agent and world around us with sound insurance advice that provides protection and peace of mind for each and every one of our customers.

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