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At EnviZion Insurance, our mission is to serve our community by unbiasedly offering the quickest and easiest way to shop and compare insurance policies to help find the specific policy that meets our clients unique set of needs.

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Core Values

Integrity. Professionalism. Joy.

EnviZion Insurance is built on three core values which are integrity, professionalism, and joy.

True integrity breeds trust and honesty, and this is the foundation of EnviZion Insurance. Integrity allows our clients to be confident that our agents provide them honest, unbiased advice. Our agents integrity means they do not push one particular product but always puts client needs first, and find a product that fits these needs. Our integrity moves us to stay on top of all of our clients needs by reviewing their coverage so they are properly coverage as their lives change and time passes. Integrity allows our agents to build relationships of trust so our clients know they are taken care of in all situations.

Professionalism means so much more to us than just looking sharp, although we always will. It means understanding the insurance products we offer so well it is almost weird. It means knowing how our client’s needs translate into the insurance coverages they should have. It means treating everyone we encounter with respect, and offering unbiased insurance advice based on only our clients needs. Professionalism means seeing our clients as more than just another policyholder, but taking the time to build a relationship with each one of them that lasts for years. Our professional gives our clients the confidence of knowing their insurance needs are taken care of, and that their agent is looking out for them always.

Why joy? Joy at EnviZion Insurance means approaching our clients with great happiness and pleasure. Joy allows us to view each day as an opportunity to help our client’s find insurance products that protect their families, finances, and belongings, and that is something to be excited about! Joy allows us to embrace the challenges of the complex insurance industry, and find the solutions to our clients insurance needs with a positive attitude. We fully understand the serious responsibility we have to our clients, but will never lose sight of enjoying the process of working with our them. Joy enables our agents to work hard, have fun, and keep positive attitudes while striving to give our clients the best possible service.

Our Background

EnviZion Insurance was founded by Austin Grieci in Plymouth Minnesota, and is a company made up of independent insurance agents. Our founder, Austin Grieci, started in the banking industry as a mortgage lender, and over time realized he wanted to work more closely with people and their finances. Austin discovered that the insurance industry is extremely broad in scope. Insurance protects people financially in many different ways including medical bills, fires, auto accidents, injuries, disability, and so many others.

The insurance industry proved to be one of the largest pieces of financial protection that people have access to, and many times people forget about insurance until they have to use it. Insurance also touches the personal lives of many, because insurance provides protection to major pieces of people’s lives. For example, the loss of a home is the loss of many people’s most valuable and largest investment. Things such as the loss of good health can be serious, and having to worry about unexpected financial burdens on top of that can be completely overwhelming. Not only did insurance prove to Austin that it had significant financial implications, it also proved to impact people’s personal lives greatly as well.

This realization showed Austin that through insurance he could make an impact on people’s financial life, and at the same time help them to protect their livelihoods and families. With the initial goal of helping people on a more personal and financial level insurance looked to be perfect. Insurance provides the opportunity to make a large impact on people’s lives, and also give them protection and peace of mind. Out of this discovery EnviZion Insurance was born, and has not lost sight of the original idea of helping people. We take insurance seriously because of our knowledge of how it can impact our client’s lives. EnviZion Insurance takes pride in serving the community by providing sound insurance advice to its clients.

Our Why

Clarity. Confidence. Financial Protection. For most people, insurance seems complicated, time consuming and confusing. There are so many types of coverage, and as a consumer it can be very hard to understand what your insurance policy actually provides coverage for. As insurance professionals we feel it is extremely important that our clients understand exactly what their policy provides coverage for. This is why part of our process is explaining policy coverage in a simple way that provides our clients with true understanding and clarity. We believe that simply having insurance is not enough, and with knowledge comes responsibility. It is our responsibility as insurance professionals to make sure you, our clients, understand how you are covered. Knowing what a policy covers provides our clients with confidence in their insurance because they understand their policy. This takes the guessing and puts our clients in a position where they do not need to worry about their insurance policies, and know they have the proper protection in place. Giving our clients peace of mind is a huge reward, and in addition this gives our clients great confidence.

Lastly, EnviZion Insurance is always on the hunt for the best prices available. Since we can quote for over 30 different insurance companies our goal is to find you the best deal without ever compromising coverage. Our clients have the ability to re-quote from time to time so we can keep up to date on pricing, and make sure your dollars are getting you as much coverage as possible. The number one goal is always to have proper coverage, and being able to find coverage at a lower price is icing on the cake. With these core concepts in mind, we provide our clients with great service, and see each person we work with as a valuable member of our community. Serving our community and impacting it in a positive way drives us to bring each client our A game every single time. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard, and strive to bring the greatest possible experience to each and every one of our clients.

Problems to Solve, Mission &  Values

Common Problems Our Clients Face:

  • Not having the proper coverage in place (under-insured)
  • Overpaying for the current insurance policy
  • Not understanding what their insurance policy covers
  • Feeling unsure about whether they have the proper coverage in place or not?


To provide clients with sound insurance advice, with the heart of a teaching, that instills confidence, and issue policies to our clients that provide proper coverage and financial protection.


  • A simple and straight forward process to help our clients
  • Quoting from over 30 insurance companies
  • Full service insurance from Auto and Home Insurance to Life and Long-Term Care insurance
  • Serving our clients with the heart of a teacher so they understand how they are covered
  • Using positivity to promoted a balanced service of professionalism, rapport, humor, and enjoyment
  • Seeing our clients as friends, and treating them the way we would like to be treated.
  • We do not try to “sell” our clients, but rather use a consultative approach to review your current position, and see if a change is needed to better position our clients.
  • Aim to provide our clients with the proper coverage at the lowest price we can find.Austin 001

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