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At EnviZion Insurance we understand that time is one of the most valuable resources a person has, and digging through insurance policies is probably not how you want to spend it. This is exactly why our process is designed to help you quickly and easily find the insurance policy you are looking for at a great price. This way you can get back to spending your time doing what you want to be doing…like binge-watching Netflix. This is also why we offer a $15 gift card for each new client’s first appointment or full auto and home/renters quote. We are confident that our process will be quick, EZ, and save you money, and this is another way for us to show that we value the time you spend with us.

We take pride in helping our community which is why we provide sound insurance advice. Our goal is to make sure each person we work with has insurance coverage in place that properly covers them. What this also means is that our priority is not to sell you a new insurance policy. Our agents serve you first by seeing if the policy in place is sufficient for what you need, and if we discover that it is our next step is to look at the price being paid. Although price is important it is not the most important part of your insurance policy. Yes, of course paying too much is not good, but paying less and not having proper coverage is far worse. With this understanding our agents are trained to make sure the correct protection is the number one priority. 

We recognize that most people have not been shown what their insurance policies truly cover, and most people do not know what coverage they have until they need to use it (have a claim to file) At this point, if you realize you do not have the right coverage, it is too late.  EnviZion Insurance can serve you, and help you understand the policy coverage you have, and at the same time, help you to change your coverage if it is needed. Get in touch with one of our agents today by completing the Contact Info form above!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know I am paying too much for my current insurance?
    The best way to find out is to get a quote completed through us. The rating systems and factors of each companies change over time, and can sometimes cause your pricing to drop. The process is simple, and we have saved families over $500 a year in some cases.
  2. How soon do I need to report an accident or loss to my insurance company?
    As soon as possible. The main reason of this is that it is best to report the claim when the scenario is fresh in your mind, and you have a clear account of what happened. Also, as a policyholder you are required to report the claim in a reasonable amount of time. Soon is always better!
  3. If I file a claim how much will my policy premium increase?
    This depends greatly on the company you have insurance with, and what type of claim it is. Generally, the more expensive the claim is for insurance company the higher risk is added to your coverage moving forward. However, we have seen many cases where claims result in no increase in policy prices. In any case, if your premium increases we will be here to help you understand why.
  4. How long does it take to get a quote completed?
    In most cases, we always will talk to you over the phone or in person before running a quote. We like to know our clients, and get a real understanding of who they are and what they need. The quoting process itself usually takes no more than one to three days depending on the quotes you need. Our agents will be sure to keep you updated every step of the way.
  5. How do I receive my gift card for completing quotes?
    After we complete you quotes and you received them our team will get your gift card ordered! We will mail the gift card right to your home!
  6. What is the “best” Medicare plan I can get?
    There is truly no such thing. This is a question we are asked very often, but the true answer is that each person has a unique set of needs, doctors, medications, etc. There is no such thing as one size fits all for any insurance, and do diligence and research is the way to find the plan that fits our clients needs! Our agents understand and know this to be true, which is why we take the time to learn about our clients, and help them find a plan that provides them coverage where they need it.
  7. My auto and home insurance just renewed. Do I lose the money I just paid if I purchase a new insurance policy?
    Nope! Your insurance company is required to return funds to you for the time they do not cover you. For example, say you just renewed your homeowners insurance in January, and paid for the entire year. If you purchase a new policy and it goes into effect on February 1st, and current policy coverage ends on Feb 1st as well. Your old insurance company must refund you for the premium from February 1st through January of the following year when it would have ended. Our agents help you coordinate setting up the date to cancel your current policies so you do not have a lapse in coverage, and also do not lose any money for being double covered. This is a normal practice in the insurance industry, and our agents make the process simple and easy!
  8. How long are my quotes good for?
    Each insurance company has their own set of guidelines, but most insurance quotes are valid for around 30 days. Re-running quotes is a simple process, and we know timing can be very important for our clients. We are happy to work with you to re-run quotes if you need to wait!
  9. How can one insurance company charge so much more or so much less for my coverage?
    Insurance companies use their own factors to rate each policy based on many things including insurance history, claims, number of years with insurance, age (for life insurance for example), and they all have different pricing because of the way they factor risk for each of these items. This being the case, some companies can see certain factors as more or less of a risk than each other. This creates a diverse market, and is the reason one insurance company pricing may be much more expensive or much less expensive compared to another.
  10. How often should I get auto / home quotes to check if the price I am paying is still good?
    Due to the frequent changes in how insurance companies classify risk it is a smart idea to check quotes on at least an annual basis. Other things to watch for is if you have a ticket or claim that is going to become one year older, etc. These can make for big changes in risk factors for one company to the next, and may be a big potential savings for you! Our agents are always happy to run quotes to check pricing!