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Home Insurance is coverage for one of the most important pieces of your life, which is the roof over your head. As with all other types of insurance there is more to home insurance than meets the eye. Our agents take the time to help you create a policy over coverages that fits your specific needs when it comes to insuring your humble abode.

Also, many people out there live in a rental property, own a rental property, or need a policy for an unoccupied home they own. All of these fall under the category called a “special dwelling” policy which we will cover on this page as well.

For many people the home they own is their biggest investment, and for this reason it is extremely important to protect it. Understanding what coverage you need is vital so we are going to take the time to break down each type of coverage now.

Primary Coverage

  • Dwelling- This coverage pays for the repair of replacement of the main structure of your home. The coverage you need depends on what the raw materials used to build your home are worth. This piece of coverage protects against things such as fires, hail, wind, ice dams, snow weight, falling trees, etc.
    • Example: A wind storm causes a tree to fall and crash through your roof. The insurance company would pay to repair the damage caused by the tree falling on the house.
  • Other Structures- This is coverage for any other structures on your property that is not directly attached to your house such as a detached garage, decks, patios, sheds, driveways, fences, etc. Generally, coverage is based on a percentage of the total dwelling coverage you have it place. However, each property is unique and this coverage can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

    • Example: Heavy snow builds up on your shed, and causes it to collapse. Your insurance company would pay for the replacement of the shed.

  • Personal Possessions/Property- This is coverage for all the things that you and your family own. This includes items such as clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, etc. These items do not need to be in your home to be covered. They can be in places like your garage, shed, etc. in the event they are damaged from a qualified events or stolen.

    • Example: Your garage is broken into, and all of your tools and power equipment is stolen. The insurance company would pay to replace these stolen items.

  • Loss of Use: If at any point you home becomes unlivable, this coverage will pay for you to live temporarily at another location until your home is livable again. This can be due to damage, molding, flooding, etc. The coverage includes the cost of staying at a hotel/rental and other expenses such as cost of food.

    • Example: A pipe burst on the top floor of your home causing damage to all the floors which needs to be completely replaced. Your insurance company will pay for you to stay at a hotel/rental until the repairs are complete and the home is livable again.

  • Personal Liabilities: This provides coverage in the event that someone is injured or damage to property of another individual occurs on your property, and you or your family member is sued. Based on your policy coverage this will cover court costs, lawyer fees, and damages you may have to pay.

    • Example: A visitor slips on your icy sidewalk while walking to your door, and is injured. They sue you for medical bills and loss of wages due to the injury. Your coverage for personal liabilities this based on your policy coverage.

  • Personal/Family Injury- This covers legal fees and damages for uncommon but uncommon lawsuits. The event does not need to happen on our property to be covered, and covers a wide range of situations such as wrongful eviction, slader, and other lawsuits against you depending on you policies coverages.

    • Example: You write a post on social media that harms the reputation of a local business, and the business sues. The policy will cover things the legal fees, lawyer fees, and damages based on your coverage limits.

  • Medical Payments- This covers the medical bills of another party who is injured on your property or in your home.

    • Example: Your neighbor breaks his arm in your backyard, and files a claim for you to pay the bill. Your insurance company will pay for the cost of these medical bills.

  • Scheduled Personal Property- This coverage is for more expensive items that you own and want to be covered specifically. Items generally covered are jewelry, computers, art, and other very expensive items. This coverage is an additional type of coverage you add to you policy based on the worth of the items you would like to cover.

    • Example: You lose your diamond watch on a hiking trip. Based on the scheduled coverage for that item the insurance company will replace the watch.

Working with an experienced agent make is easy to find the insurance company and policy coverage you need.

Completing a quote with EnviZion Insurance will provide you will the most up to date pricing so you can be confident that you are paying a fair price. The quotes are free, and we always recommend that our clients re-quote their policies at least once every 12 months. Over the years, we have saved our own clients hundreds of dollars a year on their homeowners policies by simply re-running quotes. Also, if you are purchasing a new home it is always a great idea to work with an insurance broker who can quote the market for you, and find you a great price for top of the line coverage to protect you and your family. Contact us today by filling out our form below or giving us a call directly at 612-354-6496. Our agents are standing by to help you with any of your insurance needs!.

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