Today we’re going to talk about how EnviZion Insurance stands out compared to the standard insurance company your may find.

The first way that your Plymouth Insurance Agent , EnviZion Insurance, differentiates itself is that we offer a $15 gift card to every new client appointment or new clients, full auto and home quote. We do this because we like to compensate our customers for the time that they spend with us and we know that your time is extremely valuable, so offering the gift card allows us to give you something up front. Even though nine times out of 10 we’re able to help you find the right insurance policy or beat out your auto and home policy costs. We give the 15 gift card, dollar gift card to all of these new clients regardless of if you purchase a policy with us with the standard insurance company, you’ll get a free quote, an appointment, but nine times out of 10 they’re not going to give you any sort of gift card like we offer. Second is our quoting process at a vision insurance, we’re able to quote for over 30 different insurance companies, which allows us to offer you a lot of different options when it comes to insurance. With your standard insurance company, you’re just going to be limited to the single set of insurance policies that that company specifically offers. As your Plymouth insurance agent we work to provide the best possible insurance experience, and having this wide range quoting helps us do that.

When you can quote like us from over 30 companies, you’re going to get an unbiased look at your insurance options and be able to compare and contrast all the different companies available to you so that you can make a comfortable, educated and informed decision about purchasing an insurance policy when you’re only able to offer one set of insurance policies from a single company, you’re going to have to sell those insurance policies to the person that you’re presenting them to, which in your case, you’re going to be sold regardless of how they stand out compared to other policies on the market. This is one way that we can really help you because we’re not going to come at you with a bunch of different angles for why you need to buy one specific insurance company’s policy. As your Plymouth insurance age we will just show you all of your options, and help you narrow down the one that’s going to meet your needs.We will not have anything else tied to the transaction other than helping you find the plan that meets your specific and unique set of needs. Because of this, we approach each of our clients from a different type of of style. We care about our community and as your Plymouth insurance agent we look at this as a way to consultatively, show you all of your options. Your standard insurance company is going to try to sell you on their specific type of insurance policy without showing you all the other options available to you at that specific time because they only have one option to show you.

The next way that we’re a lot different is that we offer a range of different appointments we’ll do in home appointments or help to make it more convenient for you by meeting at a location that is close by and that you are comfortable with. The way that your Plymouth insurance agent see it is that we are helping you find an insurance policy, which means making it a convenient and easy process. The standard insurance company, will most likely want to offer you a meeting specifically over the phone or in their office, which means that you’re going to have to take the time to meet them where they are as opposed to us where we will meet you where you are. We also in addition to in person meetings, offer meetings over the phone or even just communicating through email if that’s what you prefer. However, most people like to meet us in person the first time that we interact with them just to get an idea of who we are and what we stand for, but we also do offer those non formal meetings with people over the phone and through email if that’s what you prefer. Again, we’re all about meeting where is most convenient for you or in the way that is most convenient for you.

Many types of insurance we help clients with offer free instant online quoting and this will come with auto, home life and Medicare. However, most of our clients, especially when it comes to home and auto look to work with us on the quotes. Our goal as your Plymouth insurance agent is to complete as much of the work for you as possible . What this means is that we go through all of your information behind the scenes, figure out the companies that are the best price for you based on the coverage you need. Then we present our top finds with you, and let you make the final decision. You can also, like I said before, get free instant, online quotes for almost all of our the insurance products we offer. Although many times it’s in your best interest time-wise for us to help you out and then show you all of the top options that are available to you. Your standard insurance company will generally just ask you to fill out a quote request form and they’ll get back to you when they’re able to. Our goal is to help you clients on their schedule and in the most convenient way possible.

As your Plymouth insurance agent we have found is that some people don’t have the time to sit down and take a whole afternoon or evening to go through the application process, so we’ve made it so that you can check out all our quotes online at your own disposal if you’d like. However, we do also offer the option of contacting us directly, filling out and going over some information with us and then showing you all the quotes available to you at a in person appointment or over the phone through email. Again, we’re all about making the process easy and convenient for you, so whatever option works best for you is the one that we’re going to to do

The last way that we differentiate ourself and compared to other companies is that we’re open Monday through Sunday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM we understand that a lot of people are working and that they usually don’t have time to contact their agent right after work, so for those getting off at five o’clock your standard insurance company is going to be closed by four or 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday. We found for our clients that having the option to contact us on the weekend is a lot of times when our clients have the most time. Also if you do have questions or want to get something started, you have an opportunity until 6:00 PM every night to get in contact to us directly and in person so that you can get things started and that we can work with you when other insurance companies will probably be closed. It makes sense for us to be open those later hours and especially on weekends because our clients usually have available time during those hours, not when they’re at work and also have other things going on during their work day. Again, this is just another way for us to keep our process easy and convenient for all of our clients.

Overall when you work with EnviZion Insurance, your Plymouth insurance agent, you’re going to find that in everything we do, we try to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. We offer you compensation for your time up front through our gift cards. We offer you unbiased quoting from over 30 insurance companies that allows you to make an educated and informed decision without being pushed on a certain product. We offer flexible appointments, whether in person or in a convenient location for you or also over the phone or through email if that’s what you prefer. Also, we have a range of quoting options from free, instant quotes online or through contacting us directly and having us do all the heavy lifting for you and providing you with the best options available. Also, we’re open Monday through Sunday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM which is not your standard insurance company that’s closed on weekends and closed by 5:00 PM on weekdays. This allows you to contact us when it’s most convenient for you and allows us to help you in the Times that you have the most availability. These are just some of the ways that a vision insurance separates itself from the standard insurance company and makes finding insurance simple, easy, and most convenient for you.