Hi there, your Plymouth insurance agent EnviZion Insurance here, and today we will be going over the difference between a captive insurance agent and an insurance broker. EnviZion Insurance is a broker agency which means we have many options for out clients when it comes to looking for insurance. Since broker and agent is an interchangeable word a lot of people don’t understand the difference between a captive insurance agent and an insurance broker. Generally when you hear the term insurance agent, what this general means is that the person you’re dealing with sells insurance for one specific company. This would be companies such as State Farm, Farmers, etc. However an insurance agency like Plymouth insurance agent EnviZion Insurance is a broker. A broker is going to be able to quote and sell from any companies that they are contracted with and offers insurance in your area. So what that really means is that when you go to an agent such as a State Farm agent or a Farmers agent they will only have they’re only going to be able to sell the policies of that one specific company that they work for, and that’s the only option you’re going to have with them. However, when it comes to an insurance broker, a broker is generally its own company, and is contracted with many different companies in your area so the agents at the broker company can quote from and sell policies for many different insurance companies.

So what that means is when you go to a broker agency such as your Plymouth insurance agent EnviZion Insurance, you’re going to have the ability to compare and contrast verses to going to an agent company who is just going to have one set of policies to offer. But what this also means is that when you go to get a very different experience at a broker agency compared to an agent company like State Farm or Farmers. Their agent you are going to need to sell you on their specific products. Whereas with a broker agency, like EnviZion Insurance, you’re going to have more of a consultative sort of approach where the agents are taking your specific needs and using it to get quotes or information from multiple companies and then showing you all the options that you have. The broker agency agents will be helping you sort through all the insurance company options to find the one that’s going to best fit your needs. 

EnviZion insurance is your trusted Plymouth insurance agent and we are a broker agency. With an insurance broker you will get a full comparison and larger range of options. And generally they’ll have a more competitive price, because they’re going to have more options, they’re going to be able to work with more companies. So we have agents, but we are a broker agency, which means that our agents have the availability to work through our broker agency, and can show you quotes from multiple companies. We’re going to give you a full comparison and full idea of what your options are. When you go to a captive agent company they will only be able to show you one type of policy, because that’s the only sell the policies that specific company offers. The have one set of prices, one set of products, and they will be aiming to sell you on them.

From a consumer standpoint, going to a broker is usually that’s going to be someone local, and also it’s someone that you know have more options available to you. Because like we said before, when you are with that person selling one company’s insurance policies you only have one option. The agent with only one set of policies that they can sell, you’re going to have a hard time getting out of conversations that are leading you to buy, and you’re not going to have the option of comparing and contrasting different companies. Seeing different prices and quotes from different companies is beneficial, because you see a true range of pricing and options which leads to a more informed purchasing decision. If you’re looking for a full comprehensive sort of approach to finding insurance where you’re working with someone that has many options for you. If you’re looking for the ability to really shop the market and see different quotes from different companies, and really be able to take the time to find a company that’s going to give you the best price working with an insurance brokers agency like EnviZion insurance, your Plymouth insurance agent is  the way you’re going to want to go. We are going to be able to show you lots of options in your area, and help you decide which option fits your specific needs best.

At EnviZion Insurance we are contracted with over 30 companies, and because of that, you’re going to get a more unbiased approach when it comes to the policy that is presented to you. Your Plymouth insurance agent has done its homework, and we proudly serve our community with sound insurance advice and choices. We have different policies for each line of business and vet them. We take the time to find the policies that are the best price for the coverage that you need. Knowing this you’ll be able to make a confident and informed decision when it comes to choosing insurance. So to bring things full circle, a broker agency such as EnviZion Insurance is contracted with many companies, and uses comparing and contrasting to fit your needs. A captive insurance agency represents only the plans of their specific company, and can only sell that one company’s insurance policies. If you want a full comprehensive look at your options, going to an insurance broker agency will give you the most options. You will experience a consultative conversation from an agent with access to many insurance companies plans, and who can truly take your needs and align them to a policy that meets them.