Plymouth Insurance Agent | Bundle and Save

Today, your Plymouth insurance agent. EnviZion Insurance is going to talk about how you can save money on your insurance by being able to bundle your policies and what that means is bundling your policies with the same insurance company to find out if that price is lower than what you have. Now, although many people have bundled insurance already, every company has a different percentage on how much they offer for discounts on bundled policies. And so that being the case, since we’re able to browse the market and actually look at over 30 different insurance companies for quotes, we can really make sure and dig deep to find out if the policies that you have in place are actually the least expensive for the coverage that you have. Now, policies can be bundled together, not only if you have a home and auto, but also if you have an umbrella policy and an auto policy or if you have a rental, Paul C and a auto policy or you may have a a home and a rental, but no auto policy. There would still be a technical multi policy discount in that. So don’t think if you, if you ha that you have to have auto and home specifically to get a bundle deal for your insurance.

In addition to that, since we are a broker and have access to so many different insurance companies, we actually have some companies that if our brokerage has a client’s policy for their home in, even though it’s not necessarily with the exact same company, the client can still get a discount because they have both of their policies with EnviZion Insurance, their Plymouth insurance agent  running some additional quotes for you is the way that we really find the maximum savings. Like we said, since we have 30 plus companies that we can look at, we really take the top companies and do the dig taking for you to find out what company is going to provide the lowest cost for you. Now insurance is not just a one size fits all. It accounts for driving histories, driving records, how long you’ve had coverage and many different things. When it comes to finding a rate and every insurance company will rate things differently. So being able to work with a broker like ourselves at EnviZion Insurance, you’re Plymouth insurance agent, you’ll be confident that you’ve really taken the opportunity to look at the whole market of insurance companies and find the one that is going to be a great deal for you.

At the same time that we’ll check to see if you can bundle and save. We’ll also make sure that your current coverage is not based on rates that are out of date. Many times clients come to us because of some sort of event or things like that has happened such as turning 25 or another event, like a ticket being over three or five years old that would lower your rates and in addition to having those things dropping off of your insurance record or you know, being a lower risk for turning 25 you’ll find savings just because you’re running a new quote and those quotes that you get are actually current ratings that may be more up to date than your current coverage because insurance rates are changing. It’s smart to check on your insurance at least every one to two years to, you know, make sure that if there is any new insurance ratings that have changed that could save you money, your taking advantage of them.

As your insurance plan that the agent we see all the time that people wait too long to have their insurance re quoted and although we do find them great savings and we’re happy to help with that. We also want to make sure that as part of our community we’re doing our service as your Plymouth insurance agent to keep you current and not see you wait three to five years to double check your rates and you could have been saving hundreds of dollars possibly just because it’s been too long since you’ve ran quotes and double checked your pricing.

With that being said, we always want to try to bundle and save you money and as many ways as possible so as your Plymouth insurance agent, we are going to take care of you with the quoting process. We’re going to shop the entire market as much as we can for you to find you the best deal for the types of price point that you’re looking for and the types of coverage that you need to properly protect yourself and your family. Bundling and saving is a great way to go and many times people don’t realize that having two separate companies can make a huge, huge difference as far as how much they’re paying for their premium. In addition, since we can quote so many companies, we’re really going to a hunt for you to find you the best deal that we possibly can.

Your Plymouth insurance agent and vision insurance will help you through whatever you need. If a claim that comes up and also do our very best to find you the best coverage for the least expense possible. If you have any questions about how you could possibly bundle and safe or any other types of questions about insurance, please give us a call at (612) 354-6496 where you’d be able to speak with an agent who is licensed and knowledgeable right away, and we’ll help you with that with any questions that you have.

We are here to serve our community as your Plymouth insurance agent, and will always do as much as we possibly can to help our clients find the coverage they need for their exact situation. We succeed when we are able to successfully help our clients, like yourself, and we take pride in serving our community.