There are so many insurance options out there and today we are going to talk about how EnviZion Insurance is a unique insurance broker that can help you navigate the insurance world and help you and your family find the insurance policies you need to properly cover you from the financial risks that you may face down the road.

As your Plymouth insurance agent, one thing that makes EnviZion Insurance unique is that we can quote from many different companies that offer insurance. What this allows us to do is help you find a policy that meets your needs while also shopping prices that you may not be able to find at an insurance company that only provides their company’s insurance coverage and not offer you many different options of insurance companies in the marketplace. What this means is if you go with a company that only sells their own products is that you don’t know what the prices of the true market are. Are they really competitive? Are they really going to offer you the coverage you need at the lowest price?

Again, the key term there for us at EnviZion insurance as your Plymouth insurance agent is the proper coverage for your family. What makes us unique is that we don’t always just focus on the price. What we do is we take a look at your family’s needs and how you’re positioned and we find an insurance policy that truly covers you for what you need to be covered for. This means that you will be able to have the confidence with EnviZion Insurance, your Plymouth insurance agent that you are properly covered. Now, this may not mean you’re going to be paying the lowest price possible. You can get a policy that has the bare minimum required coverage for auto insurance, for example, but that does not mean you are properly covered.

If you don’t have the proper liability coverage and a claim happens and it’s over your limits, you could be facing thousands and thousands of dollars of out of pocket expense that could have been avoided if you would have simply paid maybe an extra 50 to a hundred dollars a month and have the right coverage in place. These kinds of thought are what makes EnviZion Insurance unique. As your Plymouth insurance agent, we take the time to look at your situation and your family and your needs. We do not simply look at a price and say, this is lower than what our client is paying. Therefore we should have them look at this policy so that they make the switch to EnviZion Insurance. We do want to help as many people as we can, but we want to actually help them and that is how we are different. If we find that your policy that is in place has proper coverage and is a lower price than anything that we can find with that same coverage, then we will not switch you.

What we believe was that we are here to help people and by switching them to a policy that has lower coverage that may put our potential client in a financial situation that has risks here than where they are currently at. Then we will not change our client’s insurance policy. On the flip side, if we find that our client is not covered properly but paying an extremely low price, we will recommend that that person switches. But we will also take the time to explain why it is important that they switch so that they understand why and can make a decision based on that understanding. If they would like to make the switch or not.

As your Plymouth insurance agent, we will never pressure you to switch. We will recommend products that we believe you’d need based on your true needs, but never pressure you into a policy that has a lower price simply because it has a lower price. As your Plymouth insurance agent. We see every person we work with as a valued member of our community and that’s what makes us unique. We are not simply here to make money. We are here to help every one of our customers be properly protected by their insurance policies. And when we see that they are not, we will tell them why and give them an opportunity to change to a policy that will truly protect them the way that they need it. Another reason why EnviZion Insurance is unique is that we, I understand why,

People did not often review their insurance. And this is because it takes a lot of time and that that time just does not seem to be a worthwhile way that we counter this for our clients is offering a $15 gift card for each new client that runs a quote with us for any type of insurance. We understand that time is one of the most important and valuable resources that anyone has. So by giving you back a little bit of your valuable time with a $15 gift card, we hope that it will push our community members to stay on top of their insurance, and taking the time to make sure that the policies they have in place are properly protecting them.

The $15 gift card is not a bait and switch, but it is simply a way for us to compensate you for the time that you are taking to run a quote with us for the first time. You are giving us a valuable chance to help you and we want to make sure that we help you if possible, but if it turns out you are in a proper place with your insurance policies, we hope that that $15 gift card gives you back some of that time that you spent with us. Has your Plymouth insurance agent EnviZion Insurance will always strive to do our customers, right? We will take the time to ask the hard questions. We will take the time to review your specific needs and we will take the time to educate each and one of our clients for the policies that we are recommending. We are here to help our community with sound insurance advice and that is why EnviZion Insurance is unique and why we provide top quality coverage to our clients with providing advice that they understand so that they are comfortable and know that they are properly protected.