As a small town Plymouth insurance agent we understand that families are important. If you are a family member who has tried an insurance company you understand why they are sticking with us. Your experience is custom to your family and your needs. Our agents are trained to help you with your specific situation. They know the questions to ask to get you the right insurance policy at the right price. We are not a one-size-fits-all company we personalize every experience with every customer whether you are looking to increase your coverage or lower the price you are paying. We also will help you understand what you currently are getting with your current policy and see if you can have a better deal with the same amount of coverage.

EnviZion Insurance is a Plymouth insurance agent that has many broker agents employed. That being said we can offer many different insurance companies products and find the best policy and rate for you. To us you are more than just a number we love to keep in contact with our clients and build relationships with them through any new purchase or new child that comes along. We are here for you through thick and thin and want to help you through any situation you find yourself in. Our brokers will stick with you for now and in the future, we also will review your coverage overtime to make sure you are getting the policy that your family needs.

We also have a quick, easy, and convenient process through being a Plymouth insurance agent. First we start with a phone call to understand your needs for insurance, policies, and budget. Next we schedule an appointment with one of our agents to come to your home or a public location that at a time that works best for you. We use this time to go over the tools that our agents have to compare and quote the right insurance policy for you. They also can help answer any questions that you have, break down the policies to terms that you would understand, and explain what the coverage would do in the case of an emergency. Once you pick out a policy that’s right for you our agents will help you fill out the paperwork to submit policy applications. Our agents will keep you updated on the application process until you are approved. Once you are approved they will make sure that you have all the information that you need and answer any additional questions that you may have.

We offer many different types of insurance such as auto insurance, home insurance, Medicare, and life insurance. Auto insurance is important for any accident that can happen including your car. Your insurance agent can go over questions to make sure you get the right coverage for any of the categories we can cover. Home insurance is a very important kind of insurance because of the home is usually the biggest asset for a family. Even if you have a rental property, need renters insurance, or have an unoccupied home we can have insurance for that. That can cover anything from fires, to theft. Medicare is very important to have during retirement but also can provide insurance for people who are disabled. There are many different types of Medicare that are insurance agents can go over with you so that you understand the types of coverage that are offered. Life insurance is very underutilized. It is a must-have in the case of someone passing away in your family. As you can imagine being a single parent trying to provide for two kids, cleaning the house, and bringing in money would be very difficult. This is why we ensure life so that you have extra income to make the unexpected go smoother.

Feel free to contact EnviZion Insurance at 612-354-6496 so we can set up a meeting to go over insurance policies. Or you can contact us on our website so we can call you to set up an appointment also. Our agents are very eager to meet you and can’t wait to explain the freedom that insurance offers.

Where Can You Learn About Plymouth Insurance Agent?

EnviZion Insurance is a Plymouth insurance agent that has a small-town feel and are readily available whenever you need us. We believe in personalizing your insurance policy to fit your budget and to give you the best insurance coverage possible. We can even look over your old insurance plan to make sure that you are getting the best price for what you are being covered for currently. We also want you to understand the words insurance companies use to explain their policies so that you have a confident mind and use when picking out the policy for you.

Through our brokers as a Plymouth insurance agent we are able to offer many different policies from different insurance companies instead of just one company offering you one option. We have 30 different insurance companies products to choose from to choose the right insurance for you. We also want to build a relationship with you as our client. We think of ourselves as part of the family here trying to teach you not trying to sell you. We want to keep in touch with you once you get your coverage to make sure you are getting the best price and best coverage for your money. We will stick through with you through the thick and the thin. From getting a new child, to buying a new house we can change her policy accordingly to make sure that everything is covered.

We have a very quick, easy, and convenient process because of being a Plymouth insurance agent. Here at EnviZion Insurance, we have found process works. It begins with a phone call to understand your needs for insurance. Then we will meet you place that works for you to better serve you, or location near you that works for you. We then will go through our tools for comparing and quoting insurance policies to find which one is available to you in the price of each our agents will then simplify the benefits so that you can easily understand how you will be covered through the different policies and why the coverage is important for that certain policy.

Once you have picked an insurance policy that is right for you our agents will take time to go through the enrollment process, and application process for insurance. Once everything is submitted they will keep you updated on the application process until you are approved. Once you are approved our agents will follow up with you to make sure you have all the information that you need and answer any questions comments or concerns that you may have. They also will keep in touch with you in the future to make sure you are still getting the best coverage possible, to help you if anything changes, and to keep you paying the best price for your budget.

We look forward to hearing from you here at EnviZion Insurance. You may contact one of our agents at 612-354-6496 or you can set up an appointment online at We can’t wait to hear from you and we hope that we can help you find the best insurance possible for your family.