Hello there, EnviZion Insurance your Plymouth insurance agent here and today we will be going over renters insurance. There are many people that think of insurance on a home, and all they think about is someone who owns an actual property or home. However, people do not think about how necessary it is to have protection when someone is renting a home. If you live in a rental you need to make sure you have the proper coverage in place. The biggest mistake that we see as your Plymouth insurance agent is that people think their landlord’s homeowners policy covers them for personal property and liability coverages, and generally that is simply not the case. As a  renter you are actually are going to need a renter’s insurance policy as well. Do no make the mistake of thinking that because you’re renting, that your landlord is going to have coverage for you. This is not necessarily true unless your landlord is required to have coverage for you and your belongings and it is part of the lease agreement for your rental. If you do make the mistake of thinking your landlord automatically has coverage for you and you are wrong, you are going to be financially on the hook for the loss of any personal property you own if it is damaged or stolen from the home. What that means is that if the home was to burn down or someone was to come in and steal everything in the house, anything that the landlord or homeowner, owned in the home would be covered, but any personal belongings or anything in the home that was damaged or destroyed or stolen or whatever that may be, that is yours is not covered.

It would be irresponsible as your Plymouth insurance agent if we did not bring up having liability protection as a renter. You need to know, if you’re renting a home, your landlord or homeowner that owns the actual home that you’re living in is not going to have any liability coverage for you. They are not going to have coverage for any liability claims that arise and are determined that you are at fault. For example, if you leave your skateboard by the top of stairs and a friend steps on it and falls down the stairs they can come to you for liability and you may owe medical bill expense, etc. Without a renters policy you are once again on the hook for all expenses out of your pocket. This can be financially devastating for you and your family. A renters policy is going to provide this necessary liability coverage to protect you, and this is strongly recommended by EnviZion insurance, your Plymouth insurance agent.

This is really important because first off, nobody wants to have something stolen or lose all their possessions in a fire and think they’re covered when they’re really not. Then on top of that your are out any money that it would cost to replace those items that are damaged or stolen. So as a renter, it’s extremely important that you go to an insurance agency like your  Plymouth insurance agent EnviZion Insurance, and find out more about renters insurance policies. The policies are generally very inexpensive because there’s not any coverage for the actual structure of the home at all because you’re a renter, you don’t need coverage for that. You don’t own that home and you don’t have any sort of investment in that property. So what the renter’s policy will cover any of your personal property that is inside the home, around the home or in the garage or the different places that you own. Also, you can get a liability protection on renters policies to help out with any liabilities that were to come up because of injury of another person that is your fault on the property. If injury of another person inside the home is because of something that you’ve done or something that is outside of the landlord’s control, that becomes a liability issue for you as a renter, and you will not be protected by that landlords or homeowners policy. This is another major reason your Plymouth Insurance Agent EnviZion Insurance stresses the importance of renter’s insurance policies.

As your Plymouth insurance agent  we want to make sure that you understand the importance of having protection for your personal property and liability protection through a renters policy. Since many people think that they’re covered by their landlord or homeowner when they’re renting, they do not realize the impact of a fire or liability claim would have on them as a renter. Any liability on the property determined to be your fault is going to be something that you are responsible for  out of pocket, and you need to have insurance coverage for this. If you do not have coverage from a renters policy, you’re going to pay all of the expenses to replace replace any items that are damaged or stolen or anything out of your own pocket. You’re going to have no coverage for it and there’s going to be no way for you to recover any sort of money for any of the items that you own. If you are liable for something that happens at the home or some sort of personal injury happens, that is your fault. Again, it will be something that will come out of your pocket because you do not have any insurance coverage for it.

Having a renters policy will protect you financially so that you can handle the loss of your personal property or a liability claim. Too many people do not realize they are not covered until a loss or liability claim arises, and at that point, it is too late. Also, due to how inexpensive a renters policy can be you will be well protected for an amount that will not make or break your budget. As a renter, it’s your responsibility to have the right coverage in place and EnviZion insurance, your Plymouth insurance agent can help you out with that. To speak with us more about renters insurance visit our website and request a quote at www.EZinsuranceplan.com.